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General membership: £25 a year

Associate Membership: £15 a year

Life Membership: £200 (Once in a lifetime payment)

Associate Life Membership: £100 a year

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Bank Sort Code: 20-45-45

Account Number: 60275476

Name of Account: PeMSAA UK
Please set up a standing order for the payment of membership annually to the above account.

If you are applying for Life Membership, please transfer £200 only to the above account. You have to do this only once and then enjoy the membership for the rest of your life.

If you want to pay by cheque, please use the application form in pdf format available on the Membership Information page and to get the address to post the application and cheque, email
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Online transfer of Membership Fee of £25 or £15
Setting up a Standing order for annual payments of £25 or £15 (Preferred)
Life Membership Payment of £200 or £100
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