PeMSAA-UK Award for best published

Research / Audit/ Quality Improvement Project in Sri Lanka


PeMSAA UK is keen to encourage Peradeniya Medical Faculty qualified Trainees working as a non-Consultant grade Doctors in Sri Lanka to develop expertise in Research and Projects. The PeMSAA-UK Academic Award Panel endeavours to endorse this by recognising the best Research / Audit/ Quality Improvement Project published by a Trainee / non-Consultant grade Doctor.


Please complete this Submission Form in full, forward this with your Curriculum Vitae and your complete Research/ Project to the President of PEMSAA-UK in electronic format.

The last day for submission is 31 July 2022. Thank you.


Full Name:


E-mail address:



Telephone No:

Current posting: (Candidate has to be at non-Consultant position when submitting this form)


Year of final MBBS:

Career aspiration:



Year of becoming member of PeMSAA:

Academic achievements (optional):


Titles & dates of previous publications (optional):


Reflective summary (approx. 500 words) of the submission for the award to include

i)          Abstract of the project

ii)         Lessons learnt and potential for future work in the form of a “mini” Project Plan



Date and Journals the work was published/ accepted for publication:


What was your own and specific contribution towards this work:


Identify, giving reasons, a regional research related conference and a relevant research/healthcare facility in the conference city that you wish to visit to further your research interest


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